Brought to you by the Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy (SC), Tamreen uses the excitement around the FIFA World Cup 2022™ to inspire young people to learn. These resources have been created with the Ministry of Education & Higher Education, so they are aligned with the Qatar National Curriculum.

It explores Qatar’s FIFA World Cup 2022™ journey – from the historic bid to become hosts, all the way through to the legacy that the tournament will create. Films, games, quizzes and more, all aligned to the national curriculum, provide the basis for flexible and fun lesson plans.


Our Legacy
Learn about the future of Qatar and the ways in which the FIFA World Cup 2022™ will leave behind a lasting legacy for the people and communities in Qatar.
Our Qatar
Explore the art and culture that make Qatar unique and discover how the FIFA World Cup™ can inspire the nation to be more active and healthy.
The Road To 2022
Help young people to identify their rights and responsibilities as citizens – and show them how to act as ambassadors for Qatar by welcoming the world.
Milestone Toolkits
Discover more about the stadiums’ legacy, sustainability, inspiring designs, the cultural and environmental significance of Education City stadium and Al Janoub stadium, and the impact they are having on the local community.
Qatar Together
Teach young people what a community is and how working together and respecting each other can lead us to achieve great things.
The FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™
Find out more about Qatar's unique compact hosting plan and see how maths plays a part in planning a FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™.
Accessible Toolkits
Accessible resources demonstrated to young students with cognitive disabilities on how Qatar’s compactness, infrastructure and stadiums guarantee a FIFA World Cup 2022™ to be enjoyed by all, comfortably, safely and easily.
The History of Football
Discover the fascinating history behind the emergence of football, to the advent of the FIFA World Cup™ and its spread from Europe and South America to a truly global game, as well as how it came to Qatar, sowing the seeds for the 2022 FIFA World Cup™, the first time the event has been hosted in the Middle East.

Popular Toolkits

Worker Welfare
Learn about how the people working on the construction of FIFA World Cup™ 2022 stadiums performed their jobs in challenging conditions, and how the SC introduced various initiatives to promote and ensure worker safety – both at FIFA World Cup™ 2022 sites and beyond the event.
Learning Leadership
This toolkit highlights how The Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy is building leadership skills through the Generation Amazing programme, using this as the basis for introducing students to recognising and developing leadership skills in their own lives.
The World Comes To Qatar (Bid)
Qatar’s journey to the FIFA World Cup™ 2022 began with that bidding process in 2009. See how a bid document is put together, and learn how Qatar brought the event to the Middle East for the first time.
Taking Qatar To The World
Learn how the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ is a great opportunity for Qatar to show off its many tourist attractions to visitors attending the event matches.
History of Football
Learn about the history of football. Discover how the sport grew across the world and how it inspires national pride. Ages: 8-11 Subjects: English, Arabic, Social Studies
History of Football in Qatar
Discover the history of football in Qatar and learn about its close ties to the country’s oil industry. See how the game developed from the formation of the first Qatari club to the regional successes of the national team, all the way to Qatar’s successful hosting of the 2022 FIFA World Cup™.